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Five green products made using recycled x-rays.

Recycled X-rays products

Superficial images are more common these days and many a times, seeing the exterior alone is not giving the required satisfaction. When it comes to X-rays, suddenly all the confusions are gone and you get the correct images. X-ray films record images and structures such as bones look white, structures containing air look black and the muscle, fat and fluid appear as shades of grey. Perception is the power to X-ray sheet art work and may be interesing for you. The origin of radiography in 1895 and the use of radiography in medical and industrial use is no news anymore. However, the X-ray films are considered as waste once the purpose is met; and should be thrown away adding to the junk. To find a use for this junk is worth an effort for you to participate. This art of reusing X-ray films require a creative mind of it’s own. A few of such creations are listed below; read through and find out for yourself.

1. X-Ray Kitchen:

X-Ray Kitchen

Aren’t you curious about this – is it a lab or your kitchen? Anyone can be doubtful about a kitchen like you see in the picture. When you know the designer, you are going to be anxious than ever. Minimalist designer Jean Nouvel, is so creative in designing and the illuminated kitchen you are viewing above is a masterpiece. The cabinets you are gazing at are made of translucent white panels and aluminum hinges; and the built in lighting illuminates the kitchen. The best part is you may choose the right utensils and silverware by looking at their shadows; a unique way of selecting. Wow! You are sure to feel elated in a kitchen like star wars.

2. X-Ray Umbrella:

X-ray umbrella

Anastacia Spada is a designer keen on raw materials for your benefit. Look at the amazing creation he did, he found an umbrella structure and gave a dressing using collapsible X-ray films; and when it rains, you may use this umbrella. This is a nice way for you to reuse a material and useful too. It adds glamor to your party and is very cute to watch. Alternating patterns of the use of X-ray films in the umbrella deserves praise and the quality is way up the line.

3. X-Ray Lamp:

X-ray Lamp

Sture Pallarp realized the reuse of X-rays; and as you see he decided to prove the utility of X-ray films. It was quiet easy for the designer as the designs were already in the X-ray as white, ash and black. If you have any X-ray films in your attic you may try making a lamp shade. When the lamp is lighted it gives a nice ambiance to your room. The lamp when placed on your dark table can energize the effectiveness. Same way, it looks great as the lamp sheds light to the nicely painted walls of your living room.

4. X-Ray Art Screen:

X-ray art Screen

Don’t worry there are no decorative designs and bright hues to bother you. The nice contrasts in the X-ray films will be enough for a stormy landscape for you to watch. The X-ray films are torn to fit in a wood panel and to give a nice filling to make the screen as you see. The screen is unique in it’s design and can be mainly useful for hospitals and exhibitions. The wood panel acts as an antique structure for the torn X-ray films to join; it is so modern in outlook and can divide your living and dinning rooms, as well.

5. X posed – X Ray Bags:

Xposed - X-Ray Bags

The bags are tough and are made of plastic fibre with a result and for you to reuse. They are shoulder bags for you to carry easily. Of course, the bag has an adjustable nylon shoulder strap for you to adjust the length. These bags are not permitted in airplanes though you may use it while shopping and can have a Sci-Fi mode. As you see the bags are of a modern fashion trend and can win a fashion show.

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