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Green radiator rack doubles as cloth storage and dryer

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We live in a fashion conscious world where anyone and everyone have affinity for stylish clothing. But, owning countless clothes can be a pain sometimes, drying them during winters and storing them could be a problem. Enters designer Keith Xianrong Zheng, who brings to you the “Radiator shock”, which doubles as your clothes storage and dryer.

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It has been found in a research that during winters people very often dry their laundry on the radiator. This inspired Zheng to design an innovative radiator rack that exploit the heat property for drying clothes while also helping our environment. This radiator rack features an element whose electronics power a coil that produces a high-frequency electromagnetic field.

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This field penetrates into the radiator panel, setting a circular electric current that produces heat is used to dry the clothes. When not used for drying the laundry, this cute little rack behaves like storage for your clothes. Pamper your clothes with the cozy heat of the radiator rack.

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