Green School exhibits architectural excellence with sustainability

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Architectural excellence and social service is what has made the “Green School” make it into the finals of the Aga Khan Awards for Architecture this year. The competition has been known to honor projects that exhibit architectural excellence, in addition to offering a better lifestyle to people, and this school succeeded in impressing the judges. This learning laboratory for bamboo construction and architectural expression is a result of PT Bambu, and the Meranggi Foundation’s hard work and dedication.

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Sitting on both sides of the Ayung River in Sibang Kaja, Bali, the Green School is surrounded by beautiful native plants and trees of a lush jungle. Wide use of locally grown bamboo, on-campus food production, and use of alternative energy sources for power generation on site will all contribute in making it the lowest carbon footprint international school anywhere. It offers hands-on studies of nature, ecology, the environment, sustainability and creative arts.

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The Green School’s 2000-square-meter newest structure is also made using bamboo. Exhibiting the strength and beauty of 2,630 bamboo poles, the building will house the school’s library, computer room, meeting spaces, exhibition halls and offices. Why the school shows such a lot of interest in bamboo is for a simple fact that it is sustainable, strong, flexible, grows fast and is earthquake and cyclone resistant.

Via: World Changing

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