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Seven green social networks you should join


21st century is the age of computers and the Internet. Social networking has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. In the present day world, the Green web comprising blogs, online communities and social sites is growing rapidly. Social network, targeted at specific audience, connects several communities with people that create an automatic bond between them. With the help of internet connections they can share and exchange their views on issues like clean energy, health reform and climatic change.

But the challenge is to choose a right online community as it is very important to ensure maximum impacts for your efforts. Only then you can meet peoples with different mindset or with a social change organization who are trying to build community around causes.

1. Care2 :


Care2 is a green social networking site founded by Randy Paynter in 1998 with a goal to make better world by the use of internet. In the beginning, it only helped the environmental non-profit organizations. But now with nearly 12 million members it has grown as an interactive online community. On Care2, all the issues starting from animal welfare to women’s right are supported by signing petitions, joining an interest group, donating to non-profit organizations or simply staying well in touch.

Starting from the Randy’s apartment, it has been transformed into a company of 50 employers , 9 million users and 400 non profits.

2. Change.org :


Change.org is one of the oldest networking sites. It is also popular as a special interest networking site. It provides the people a chance to change their world. You just need to type the changes you want to view and others with same causes will tag themselves in it. It gives you different ways to connect to non-profits, taking action through people by providing information and daily news about different social issues.

It is a non-profitable organization and a social entrepreneurship venture that is San Francisco. In 2005, the CA was founded by Standard graduate Ben Rattray.

3. Wiser Earth:


An online community which is free to all having a goal to create sustainable world is another leading online social community. It connects non-profits, business and people. It is the result of a project by National Capital Institute of Paul Hawken’s. It is created on a wiki platform which supports most detailed issues of the world in the areas like environmental restoration and social justice. You can find here some of the world’s largest non-governmental organizations, social organizations that include Sovereign Islands, territories and 243 countries. With the help of Wikipedia, Wiser Earth has grown into an open source with common creative license that is available publicly to all.

4. Do Something. Org:


It is an organization that encourages teenagers to take social actions without the involvement of adults. It is a teeny bop perish site that enhances the spirit of kids to do something for their society by volunteerism and also encouraging them to make projects independently by offering small grants. If you are interested to start a club you just need 5 of your friends to join. The site provides you good opportunities, online infrastructure and even funds for your projects.

5. TakingITGlobal:

taking it global

A social network oriented by youth whose goal is to transform young adults and teenagers to grow up into present day leaders. It provides an opportunity for youth to access the opportunity on a global scale. It gives them a chance to participate in decision making and cross cultural connections by creating a learning community with collaboration features. It provides workshops for enhancing your learning opportunities, helps in various research works and provides materials for educators. It has extended its limit to 14 million teenagers across 12 different languages.

6. Holisticlocal:


It’s a social network with a mission to connect in the spheres of spirituality, conscious living, environment and health that collaborates with LOHAS ( Life Care With Health Sustainability). In holisticlocal you can get articles, e-books, transformational workshops, connection with many crunchy new members. In addition to that, you can participate in their holistic marketplace also.

7. The Nag:

the nag

It is a UK-based site that makes eco activism fun and focused on do-good mentality which enhances environmental activities. First of all, start ranting until it gets off your chest and then suggest solutions. After that you may get out to do something. If you are ranting about bottled water demerits in any restaurants then you may go for a tap.