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Green-tinted eye glasses made from recycled beer bottles


When it comes to recycling discarded products with style, Scott Urban really knows how to dazzle us all! The Beer Goggles, created by Scott Urban from Urban Spectacles of Wood, are both revolutionary and fashionable. The cheeky idea of wearing glasses made out of our favorite beer could be very intriguing, I must say.

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These environment-friendly glasses are hand-crafted out of beer-bottles and set in round, thick frames of light-brown color which could give a very flattering look to any face. Round frames have been in fashion since 1950s and they are back in style for a retro look. Top brands like Cristian Dior and Hugo Boss specialize in round frames. So if you think these glasses are apt for oldies only, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Besides making a fashion statement, Beer Goggles are a great way of recycling the used beer bottles that litter our surroundings and provide hazards to the environment. Once buried, a glass bottle takes more than 4000 years to decompose. Taking action to save the environment is everybody’s duty, and by encouraging products like Beer Goggles, we can do our bit very easily.

Via: Makezine