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Green Wheels: BMW Concept E electric scooter

BMW Concept E electric scooter

The green machine

The BMW Group has unveiled its innovative green machine Concept E electric scooter in the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show that was held in Frankfurt, Germany. The two wheeled scooter expresses its technology with its exterior features itself. The choice of color selection for its battery pads as green, describes us about its green technology. The concept is exceptionally designed for urban usage. Due to the rising issues of traffic limitations, space and insufficiency of clean energy, the company has developed this green concept. The vehicle is designed with ‘urban mobility’ as the theme. The vehicle’s design showcases its true dynamic nature and its emotions. Presently, the concept is under study and will be into production later. The company has also displayed its stunning electrical conceptual cars, i3 and i8 in this 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Green factor

With its awe inspiring majesty, BMW concept E electric scooter utilizes electrical energy to provide energy to propel its wheels. The vehicle is destined to bring the feeling of a scooter with the joy of riding a motor-cycle. The concept synchronizes the rider’s emotions with the vehicle and expresses them through its external appearance. The designers of BMW Motorrad have set ‘concept E’s vision as digital, dynamic and electric. The aesthetic style, excellent choice of color selections, sturdy single-track together makes ‘concept E’ an electric vehicle of the future. The concept is expected to travel a distance of about 100 kilometers on a single charge. The recharging time for the electric technology is likely to be around 3 hours. The charging socket is located in the central tunnel secured by a transparent cover. It is absolutely clear that the vehicle will not only be highly acclaimed for its green technology, but also for its inspiring emotional connection with the riders too.

The power-train

The concept’s single track feature is highly laudable. The exterior design which is often represented as ‘split-face’ clearly pulls this concept as a member of BMW Motorrad’s motor-cycle family. The stylish twin-tipped spoiler in the front floating panel describes the vehicle’s aerodynamic design excellency. This concept utilizes BMW’s innovative e-technology to power its wheels. The stronger and sporty rear design will provide a comfortable ride. As the concept is under study, the company has not revealed much information about the vehicle’s specifications, battery technology and other technical details. However they have delivered the true vision of this vehicle explicitly.

The highs

Definitely BMW concept E electric scooter is destined to create wonders in the future of urban commuting. With its clean and green technology, the vehicle will support zero emission ride. Above all, the idea of connecting the pleasure of riding with human emotions, is simply awful and mind-blowing. The presence of a small turbo fan beneath the seat leaves the BMW fans and enthusiasts in a quizzical state. The digital display screen in front of the handle-bars provides information about charge level, speed, drive mode, trip meter, time and also encloses a digital odometer. In addition, the screen also displays the rear view by means of input signals received from a video camera located at the rear of the vehicle. Such digital features eliminates the use of congested wires and gauges.

The lows

When compared with the conventional combustion engine powered motor-cycles, the Concept E electric scooter has some limitations such as the incapability of long rides, frequent availability of fuel or recharging stations and high torque capacity. The lack of rear view mirrors makes the vehicle to entirely depend upon its electric technology for road and traffic information behind the vehicle.

Cost and availability

The company has neither quoted anything about the concept’s price nor mentioned a word about its production and availability. However, the production of such wonderful green concepts as soon as possible, would result in throwing less harm to the environment. BMW’s Concept E electric scooter would very well become a trendsetter in the two wheeler market.

Word around the web

This concept’s easy recharging facility within the domestic outlets has greatly reduced the dependability of the vehicle on roadside charging stations. The vehicle is also expected to deliver a high power ride even with a pillion rider. However, the function of arousing emotions in the rider and expressing them through the vehicle’s exterior appearance is going to be the highlight of this concept. With all such beautiful features, this Concept E electric scooter is one of the most expected vehicles among the public. BMW has clearly depicted its vision of the future by this concept. It is not just an idea, but it is an icon of stupendous design.