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Things You Can Do For A Greener Halloween

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Now that Halloween is coming, the time has come to start decorating your home, choosing your Halloween costumes and picking out treats for the kids. However, unlike every other day, why not take some extra efforts to make your Halloween a bit greener this year? Here are some tips that can help you with that.

Take the help of nature for decoration

Rather than buying all the decorations for the festival from a store, consider using items from nature instead. Anything from wooden sticks and dried leaves to branches can act as great decorative items. You will be amazed with the sheer amount of supplies you end up with when choosing nature for your Halloween decorations this year.

Invite with Recycled Materials

Invite with Recycled Materials

Throwing a Halloween party? Then consider making your invitations more eco-friendly with the use of recycled materials. You can make use of materials like cardboard and old newspapers to make creative Halloween invitations guests will go gaga over. Of course, choosing to send online invitations makes your Halloween even more eco-friendly.

Make good use of those wine bottles and jars

Have some old wine bottles and jars hanging around your home? Then consider using them for Halloween decorations. You can paint them in bright colors and create spooky effects by painting pumpkins and ghost faces on them. While the wine bottles can serve as candle holders and vases, the jars can be used as light holders strung around the house.

Use Fabric for treats

Use Fabric for treats

Instead of buying plastic or paper covers for treats, consider reusing old fabric around the house. You can make use of bright colored scraps to create small bags that you can use to hand out treats to children. Even old linens and clothes can be used for the same purpose, thus saving the environment from a lot of otherwise discarded plastic and paper bags.

Use Egg Cartons wisely

Filling your home with tiny decorative pieces? Then consider using egg cartons for the same purpose. A little bit of creativity and effort, and you can create myriad shapes and forms from these tiny cartons. For instance, you can transform the cartons into small pumpkins. Or you can cut them out and paint them to create bats and ghost faces, etc.

Transform bottle caps

Another area where you can improvise when it comes to using green Halloween decorations is bottle caps. These bottle caps can be of great use on any magnetic surface. For instance, paint the bottle caps in vivid forms and colors. Next, place a magnet on their underside and attach them to refrigerators or any other metallic surface.

Use Recycled Halloween Costumes

Recycled Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, we are always on the lookout for new costumes. This Halloween, consider going green by recycling your Halloween costumes with clothes you already have in your home. Go through your wardrobe and find out ways in which you can use certain clothes to create your costume.

If this is not feasible, rent out a costume instead of buying one. Or choose to buy your Halloween costume from second hand stores. Who knows? Chances are you may end up getting a fantastic Halloween costume in these stores.

Store away wisely

You won’t believe the amount of trash every household ends up with after the festivities are over every Halloween. This year, make a difference by reducing the amount of trash your household products. Don’t throw away the pumpkins, leaves and other natural elements used for decoration.

Rather, use them as compost. Try storing away decorations which can be reused again next year. Have a costume you don’t want to wear again? Donate it to a second hand store so that someone else can get to wear it next year. 

Halloween does not necessarily have to be detrimental to the environment. There are ways in which you can make the festival more eco-friendly. These tips will surely help you achieve the same effectively.

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