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Guerrilla DIYer fixes public amenities when all go to sleep

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Cops and councils usually find it difficult to tackle graffiti criminals who vandalize, epitomize or sometimes denigrate a particular person, perception or faith at will. Anyway, doing exactly the opposite of it, a ‘guerrilla handyman’ in Oldham is renovating decaying benches and play equipments across the city’s beauty spots by night. His name is Stephen Rimmer and he does it secretly to satisfy the eco-artist inside him.

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The 37-year-old former soldier has completed 18 projects in three months. The 3-D design graduate undertook the secret mission of beautifying putrid public amenities as part of a university design project. With none offering any financial assistance, he arranged all things needed for his handiwork himself.

I’d go cycling down the canal path and I’d see a bench with no wood on it, and I just thought to myself, “Why hadn’t anyone repaired it?” I’d noticed it before but had ignored it but this time I thought I would make a change. I started to look around for wood that could be used for benches that needed fixing.

Until date, he has done renovations worth £3,000.

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Via: Daily Mail