Guide on How to Make an Order Form

How to Make an Order Form

The maximum simplification of document flow for the owner and manager of a business is the possibility to reduce the time it takes for a customer to place an order and to optimize the accounting. Automatic creation of an order form template through the PandaDoc program allows you to optimize the process of purchasing products and services, eliminating any delays in the purchasing process at the same time.

Advantages of creating an automatic order form

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For large sellers, as well as for representatives of medium and small businesses involved in the sale of goods or services, any process automation of interaction with the buyer is always significant. By normalizing the interaction process, there is no need to involve managers for cold calls, the task of an accountant is simplified and the processing of any order is accelerated.

The Pandadoc application uses a standard template that is designed and customized individually for each user, entrepreneur, company or store. The order form has a lot of advantages for businessmen who sell goods and services through their own website:

  • Quick and easy access to all files, documents and orders, which are generated automatically, thanks to the contact form filled out by the customer;
  • The possibility of full transition by employees to a remote form of work, which is very relevant, given the epidemiological situation in recent years;
  • full automation of the purchase process, the formation of accounting and financial documents with a predetermined style;
  • Minimization of physical intervention in the sales process reduces the risk of losing a customer due to human error or a one-time influx of customers;
  • A chance to increase the conversion rate of the selling proposition by several times, under the condition of a quick form to replace the questionnaire with the data for the buyer.

Sample through App PandaDoc is as simple and clear as possible. There is no need to involve additional specialists when making up the order form. Taking into account numerous templates, as well as the possibility to make your own design and structure, it reduces many times the time to start getting the first orders from the network.

Features of creating and placing an order form

Each user can adjust the order form design at his own discretion taking into account the target audience, type of products being sold and design of the landing page. As a rule, the form is placed at the bottom of the site or is done as an independent pop-up window that does not interfere with the viewing of basic information.

In some cases, in particular on pages with an informational long read or a page with a landing page, it is allowed to place two or more template order and contact forms. You should always take into account the relevance of the order form in a separate block of the page and its compliance with the overall design. In cases of the marketing funnel, the experts recommend making a short test of the order form from PandaDoc to determine the most actual design and filling of the form with the highest conversion rate.

About the company and PandaDoc software products

online ordering

For the majority of modern entrepreneurs and legal entities promoting their goods and services on the Internet, it is crucial to find a single tool that can quickly solve most online ordering tasks. PandaDoc company and its products will be a perfect tool in the hands of managers, advertisers and sellers.

Universal master-account can provide access to services of several users at the same time from one profile. If necessary, you can keep records and sales from several websites and landing pages via a single service, which significantly simplifies accounting and overall sales statistics.

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