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Guidelines for finding a green retirement home

by DrPrem Jagyasi

You are over sixty yet you have not stopped living life on your own terms. With age, our bodies weaken but the spirit and ideals remain the same. If you actively try to lead a healthy, green lifestyle, then age should not prevent you from doing so now. There are some green retirement homes where you can stay and support green revolution.


Elderly people slowly lose strength of working and their limbs become incapable of hard work. In your middle ages, you might have enjoyed gardening and participated in green marathons for supporting different health related causes.

After you cross sixty, running a marathon or tending to a vegetable garden becomes almost impossible. At this stage of life, you should find different ways of contributing substantially to the environment.


The new age retirement communities and retirement homes offer a host of different facilities. Timely medical assistance, regular checkups and different group activities are focused towards the overall well being of the elderly individuals.

If you are keen on leading a green lifestyle even after retirement then you should focus on finding a green retirement community or retirement home that helps you fulfill this desire.

An attractive senior couple at home on the couch together. Isolated on white.

Retired people are no more afraid of choosing a suitable retirement home or old age home as they get all sorts of facilities there. However, finding the right green retirement home can be a small challenge. It is a serious decision of your life that you should take carefully.

While choosing a green retirement home make sure that it was built with local or recycled materials. It should pass the standards of Energy Star and offer high quality, fresh air for the residents.


Also check what is the carbon footprint score of the retirement house of your choice. Low carbon footprint means that the old age home does not emit as much harmful carbon dioxide as many other buildings do.

Do not be blinded by advertisements and publicity gimmicks. Look for signs and proofs that your chosen green community is truly taking part in making the world a greener place. Check the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED certification. Green retirement houses that really work for safeguarding the environment will have proper documents to prove their worth.