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Gundersen builds a house from trees, unlike a house on tree

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If architecture is something that interests you, then this unusual whole trees building is sure to grab your attention. The owner Roald Gundersen, an architect by profession has ingeniously constructed his beautiful house and a solar greenhouse from whole trees. Whole Trees can keep construction costs as low as $100 a square foot, while giving you stunning structures.

whole tree house

Gundersen’s house, which by the way was his first project, is something to look out for. The $15,000 house equipped with all basic amenities is a result of one complete year of hard work and dedication. After completing the A-frame, this talented architect constructed a 100-by-20-foot solar greenhouse next door with thick straw-bale walls on three sides, banked into the north slope. He used small-diameter, rot-resistant black locust trees for the timber framing.

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A wall of double-paned glass, positioned to optimize the low-angle winter light, faces south. Growing beds angled slightly toward the sun are planted with rows of mustard greens, kale, chard, arugula, lettuces and herbs. Hanging trays of micro-greens, a fig and bay tree would provide fresh food for the fall and winter.

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Gundersen, who now lives with Ms. Baxter and their two children, opened a firm in order to display his potential. Ms. Baxter, a onetime urban farmer and community organizer with a knack for administration and fundraising is the owner of the firm, while Mr.Gundersen is the project manager. The firm recently renamed as Whole Tree Architecture and Construction constructs beautiful and spectacular whole trees houses for their clients.

Via: NYTimes