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Hand Powered Paper Shredder

by DrPrem Jagyasi

A shredder is an important and commonly used device in most offices and homes. Since the world these days is turning towards the sustainable products there is an eco friendly shredder available in the market. This particular shredder needs no electricity to function and is as efficient as an electric one. It is easy to use and manual in nature.


It is important to shred your personal documents before trashing them. And you know you should mind your carbon footprint. This handy shredder hits two birds with one stone, letting you do both at the same time. Requiring no electricity, this compact device has two end caps that twist in opposite directions to activate a hand-powered shredding machine. It’s portable, simple to use, and a smart, easy step toward a greener planet. It can hold 3 sheets maximum (folded piece of paper counts as 2 sheets). This hand powered shredder is quite useful and efficient and helps the user to contribute in saving the planet from harmful demons. This particular hand powered shredder is unique to look at and helps the users to reduce their carbon footprint.