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Handmade motorcycle sculpture crafted out of recycled spare parts

recycled metal skeleton motorcycle 2
One man’s trash is another man’s art. As the world realizes the importance of recycling, recycled art, also known as eco art, is gaining popularity. An art studio in the United States has created this motorcycle from recycled spare parts.

The motorcycle is 14-inch long, 5-inch wide and 6.5-inch high. It has a metal skeleton and was creatively crafted by hand from recycled spare parts like bolts, nuts, ball bearings, spark plugs, brake wire, elbow connectors and bicycle chain. Each motorcycle is hand-crafted individually, giving the owner the pleasure of possessing a unique and original piece of art. The spare parts that would well have ended up in a landfill have found new life in the metal art sculpture. The motorcycle is currently up for sale at $69 on eBay.

There is still a long way to go in disposing off the mammoth amount of waste generated from broken-down machinery and using technology, in a way that is reliable, green and cost-efficient. Recycled art is a wonderful contribution not only to art but also to the environment and the world.

Via: eBay