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Handmade wooden iPod/iPhone dock by Vallis Wood

iPhone / iPod wooden docking station

The other day while going through the newspaper, I got fascinated by an article describing about an event which rewarded promising ideas of environment companionship. The event aimed at promoting green ideas like using alternative renewable sources of energy in our daily activities. A similar way of adapting to environment can be seen through this combination of technology and nature, the wooden docking stations.

Vallis Wood has come up with green docking stations for the technology freaks. Innovative idea takes the form of a functionally active device which can last really long. Your docking station (or dock) has got a new dimension and design from Valliswood. The designer has converted the natural beauty of wood into a functional framework. These docks are hand made and undergo lot of perseverance and caution while they are in the making.

The idea of blending technology with the natural beauty of wood has provided these unique and attractive docking stations which are available in many designs. A very interesting part of these docks is that only dead wood (no component comes from a live tree) has been used to design them. You may wonder to know that it may take years for a wooden structure to take a desired form/shape and the designer has not compromised on this aspect to give you the best of the designs.

This extra durable dock is apt for the iPod (not for the shuffle) and iPhone (2G, 3G, 3GS and 4 series). So if you have any of these gadgets, any of the docks can be a chosen one. The dock has USB cable which can be used for charging and data transfer, equally. Besides the inherent 1m cable, it has an additional cable of same length for better flexibility. It weighs about half a kg and has got smart dimensions (23cm x 14 cm x 11 cm). This size can go easily on any desk be it a formal office one or the casual home dressing table. The texture can also suit any interior design.

The natural beauty of the wooden docks is not raw. They have been made out of oak, a tree known for its strength, durability and hardness. This green dock has been precisely made out of all the eco-friendly ingredients ranging from the beeswax to wood glue. The designer has priced the iPod dock at $80.

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