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Haunting Ghosts: HIV-positive sculptor’s recycled reliquaries

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Glass, mesh, HIV pill bottles and syringes: all draw together to become a healthy medium of expression for an artist who recalls some of his friends devoured by AIDS. Daniel Goldstein, a HIV-positive himself, started making eerie sculptures out of recycled stuff at a very young age. The sculptures, dubbed as Haunting Ghosts, are ‘huge mobiles suspended from the ceiling’, which seem like invoking all to recycle anything lying discarded or neglected.

Daniel Says…

I always say I live in a world of ghosts, because so many of my friends, my whole world, all the people I came out with, everybody – except for one or two people – they’re all dead.

His sculptures blend his love for art and his memories together. His pieces, which are highly artful dedications to the dead, featured at public spaces, hospitals, and even the Colma BART Station. Several of his arresting new sculptures were on display at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna this summer.

Via: SFGate