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Heliotrope: Preaching greenism through a mechanical flower…

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Jonathan Ota, a budding industrial design junior at the Carnegie Mellon University manifested his penchant for environmental endeavors by designing a mechanical Biometric marvel which works without electricity and replicates the biological movements of a sunflower.

Phototropism is the stimulus of light on fixed living organisms, which is being duplicated artificially by mechanical components. The idea is that the mechanical components should sway towards the light without using any electricity just as a natural sunflower maneuvers its way towards sunlight. The components used to accomplish this innovative thought are relatively inexpensive materials.

The ingenious concept behind the mechanical movement of this device is the expansion of alcohol in the factitious flowers, which, in turn, augments pressure which ultimately is exerted on the pistons strategic located at the sides of the flower making it to incline and tilt in the direction of the stimulus, i.e. light. The flower that tilts and receives the light is designed to close at this juncture completing a feedback mechanism.

Remember all the mechanical movement is devoid of electric stimuli. It depicts a natural occurring on mechanical parts without electricity. As it utilizes clean and green energy, it is a sneak peek into the future. We certainly need more of such designs which are propelled by green energy, and this prototype of a mechanically moving flower is a sublime example of cutting edge green technology.