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Help cut global warming, stop shopping at supermarkets!

supermarket effecting climate change

True, a nearby supermarket makes our hectic life easy. But, do you know they contribute hugely to climate change? The Campaign group of Friends of the Earth informs this urging people to buy food from local shops as a solution tom this and cut greenhouse gases.

In average, a supermarket produces as much carbon dioxide as 60 greengrocers! Supermarkets are estimated to produce three times as much carbon dioxide per square metre of floor space as greengrocers. They also produce twice as much as the average independent butcher or corner shop.This is showed by government research, according to Friends of the Earth.

Friends of the Earth says supermarkets are not only less efficient, but also instigates people to produce more emissions as they need to travel further to shop. They travel an average of 890 miles a year just for shopping.

Via: BBC News