Here Are Some Amazing Metal Ammo Box Ideas For The Creative Artist In You!


Ammo cans are used by the military to transfer ammo in a safe manner. These cans are sturdy and durable and can be used for many things around the home. You can use them to store things in your home and garage or while going camping or even on picnics. Ammo cans are water resistant as they have resealable covers. Hence, they can even be used as safes to store your valuable things. Check out these metal ammo box ideas for the creative artist in you:

 Amazing metal ammo box ideas 

Camping kit


One of the best ammo can uses is to use it to store camping supplies. You can put in your food and drinks inside it as it is spill proof. Enjoy a barista type coffee outdoors by packing it with everything possible to make great coffee. Use it as a camp seat or cook pot to cook your meal. Or use it as a stove by lighting a wood fire in it.


Transform ammo can into an eye-catching mailbox. It will keep your mail dry and secure as well. It’s one of the best ideas for ammo can DIY.

Garage storage


Ammo cans are best when used for storing all kinds of things. You can buy quite a few of them and store your tools, painting supplies, or anything else which needs waterproof and secure storage. Another cool idea is to mount them on walls and save floor space. Metal ammo box ideas like this one are easy and effective.

They can be used to store nails as they are completely sealed and air or moisture cannot get in. So one of the best metal ammo box ideas can be to store any iron tools or materials such as nails, screws, and the like without having to worry about rust.

Uses of ammo cans for vehicles 

Attach it to your car/jeep’s rear bumper for extra protection. This idea is especially useful if you have the tendency to bump into things. The next time you do that, you won’t have to pay for expensive repairs to your bumper. Just remove the ammo can and attach another one instead. One of the epic ammo can uses, don’t you think?

Use the empty ammo can to store your tire chains, spare parts, and winch accessories. In jeeps, they can be used as a handy lockable container.

Use it as a catch box when you change the oil. Store things like oil, grease, wire lubricant, thread lockers, epoxy, glue, etc in metal ammo cans as they will never spill out from the cans and mess up your car. Just another great metal ammo box ideas you’ll come across!

Ammo cans are so strong and sturdy that they can be used as jacks for small cars.

If you own a Jeep, then you can use the ammo cans as speaker enclosures. They will be quite safe inside the cans. You can also use them as center consoles.

Ammo cans can be transformed into motorcycle and bicycle saddlebags. Give them a makeover by painting them in colors of your choice.

Ammo can use ideas for electronics

ideas-for-electronicsAmmo cans are also best used for electronic purposes. But, these DIY ideas are for experienced DIYers who are also experienced in working with electrical things.

Use ammo cans as EMP protected boxes to store electronic things. First, use a cardboard to line the inside of the cans and then wrap the electronic things with aluminum foil.

Build your own desktop computer inside the ammo can. You can rebuild a radio into it as well.

If you need protection for your camera underwater, then use ammo can as the outer protective shell for your movie camera.


Make an ammo can into a grill. Just drill ten ½ inch holes about an inch above the base of the can on both sides, and a 2-inch hole into one side to put in fuel. Drill ten holes at the top of the ammo can according to the size of your skewers and your homemade grill is ready for use.

Ammo can DIY ideas are pretty simple, as in most cases you have to just find an innovative use for it without doing anything extra to it. For example, ammo cans can be used to store your precious photographs and other memorabilia, as they will be safe from moisture. Ammo cans are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of purposes.

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