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HeronLED Personal Task Light: e-wastes find simple way to get recycled

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Welcoming the concept of HeronLED Personal Task Light, the e-wastes ensure their rebirth this time. Made completely of waste parts of computers, phones, printers, refrigerators, printers, TVs and VCRs, this lamp is another addition to the list of Concept Green lamps. Introduced by the California-based LittleFootprint Lighting, the lamp comes with LED bulb which consumes only a fraction of energy compared to the energy usage by the conventional CFL or incandescent bulbs in times of illumination and thus instantly reduces the energy bill of the user.

The design is quite smart and eye-catchy and is sure to win hearts as well as minds at the same time. Its body is adjustable and the light can be focused in the direction the user needs it. The warm white light (3000K) of the LED bulb is soothing and sober. With 50,000 hours of durability, the lamp is a good buy all the time, as it wouldn’t require a bulb replacement before 15 years. It is cost effective and safe as the LED light does not contain mercury. User-friendliness and energy saving quality makes the lamp a star in the USA market and also lets the user feel green with the facts that it is manufactured with processes that minimize carbon footprint and require minimal energy.

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Via: Azooptics