Home Architecture Guide Highway Rest Stop – An architecturally artistic and multifunctional structure model in California

Highway Rest Stop – An architecturally artistic and multifunctional structure model in California

As part of the Greenstop 99 Design Competition, the designer Sam Wolfgram offered an exclusive proposal toward the creation of a sustainable design in California for a highway rest stop point that could act as a multifunctional structure. This stoppage aimed at providing all the required services a highway traveler could require! There is an easy entry and exit for travelers so they may get refreshed and continue back on their journey. This place is a great respite for tired travelers who need a break from continuous driving and wish to relax somewhere, as well as get their vehicle serviced.

Proposed model for highway rest stop

The design of the highway rest stop point includes a rammed earth wall facing North, and adjacent to it is a concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall. Opposite to this CMU wall is a glass wall with wooden sun screen. All closets carry the tensile fabric cavity skin at their boundaries. Within the two bigger closets facing each other, there are thermal control stacks, as well as smaller maintenance closets. The vehicles can receive proper care, repair and maintenance here. There is also a refreshment corner where people can have some snacks and drinks in order to get them refreshed. There is a service staircase, as well as storefronts designed at proper places within the highway rest stop structure.

The rest stop additionally has a green roof that gives the whole structure an environmentally friendly touch. The structure additionally includes a cool air cistern for a constant water supply, a compost system, and PV panels that face South and West directions. The structure’s entry point has an installation of beautiful tinted glass. On a higher point against the structure is a wind-powered turbine that helps in harnessing the precious energy of the wind and is able to make the structure self-efficient and sustainable. Wind-powered cooling tower encloses this turbine. The structure includes a technically perfect restroom envelope section too. The interiors in this building are so well designed that one would surely like to give it a glance even if they do not have any other service requirement. In addition to all this, the rest stop has a nice parking system designed for automobiles.

The highway rest stop point has a very cool location with amazing greenery surrounding the structure. The design is created to give a soothing look and feel that not only matches the architectural style of this location but also offers a contrasting view to the running life on the highway. This structure can easily get to become a point of attraction for the people moving on a busy path. This is because of its unique design and stylish touch given to the whole building. The color combinations used on the building’s exterior and interiors provide it a soothing feel. Also, this is a one-stop place that can meet multiple needs of people and their vehicles. Such kind of a stoppage could force any individual to take a relaxing break while they zoom on the highway.

Via: Wolfgram-Arch