Hilarious recycling concepts inspired by Sci-Fi movies

Recycling is the need of the hour, as global warming is posing serious threats to our environment. Many feel we need to establish a recycling plant to do so. Well, that is not the case! Some of our movies have shown some outrageous examples of recycling. How? Read on:

MacGyver built a plane simply out of junk

Plane built out of junk:

MacGyver built a plane simply out of junk. The fifth season of the series McGyver sneaked into some valuable recycling compounds like poles, garbage bags, duct tape and engine. What we see next is that he and his team come up with this recycled plane off a cliff and surprisingly it flies too. This might sound funny and impossible but how about recycling something that is useful out of Walmart used bags.


Houston and his miracle device:

The word recycling was not important back in the 1973. The movie Apollo 13 saw the crew using lithium filter to breathe when they ran out of fuel. They used all that was in vision. For example, astronauts suit hoses, plastic bags, cardboards covers, etc. The main component for this device was the duct tape. Duct tape not only proves useful in the outer space but also in our day-to-day life.


Dead men: source of water

The title sounds weird. However, the Fremen that acclimatized to ruthless desert dry conditions came with an amazing idea to conserve water. As mentioned in the book, Children of Dune, these men have large intestine, which absorbs plenty of water. This was an interesting way to recycle water, i.e. to completely drain the opponent’s corpse out of water after killing him. This is a major idea of survival of the fittest.

Humans recycled as batteries in The Matrix

Humans recycled as batteries

The popular movie Matrix showed humans as recycled to batteries. Sci-Fi has tried to recycle every component of humans. The movie shows computer converted into humans with supreme power.

Doc turns garbage into fuel

Doc turns garbage into fuel

The Back to the Future trilogy depicts the future of recycling. It comprises of a Mr. Fusion Home Energy reactor, which ends the fuel and waste crises we have been facing. Another concept is to have a car with a toilet. It is the fastest and easiest way to provide waste to the fuel tank. However, the exhaust emitted would smell awful and hence make it unbearable.


Sci-fi has tried to use all the elements of a human body or products the human uses into recycling and making unbelievable products out of it. These do have some amazing utilizations, but don’t they sound like the outer world concepts?

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