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Himatic’s cyber sculptures give second life to trash

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We at GreenDiary, have introduced you to some of the most amazing sculptures created from trash. Joining the gang are these stunning masterpieces that give second life to materials that are no longer of any use. Fashioning sculptures from trash is a growing trend these days. Artists no longer see old things as waste. They have now learnt the art of converting trash into treasure. One such mastermind is Andrea Petrachi a.k.a. Himatic. This ingenious artist is known for creating cyber sculptures from things most of people simply throw away.

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Using his creativity and artistic thinking, Himatic images unique designs for his sculptures and then fits in each part carefully, just like solving some puzzle. He assembles ordinary objects, broken electronics, recycled materials and old toys to create something that is extraordinary. He sees his work as a symbol of our out-of-control desire to buy things, a celebration of the human desire to challenge nature through technology. His creation include the “Rec” which is made using a camera lens, lighthouse, VCR Heads, audio connectors, lamp sockets and headphones, the “Aiko” that’s is fashioned from egg mixer, audio connectors, handle drill, cell phone and Spanish doll head and the “Eeviac” that is made from protective mask, broken electronics, lamp sockets, tripod and toys. His other creations go by names like Slimchemist, Swami, Octophille, Stickyphille, Konus 5003, Bug_Boy Gregor etc.

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Via: Behance