Home Eco Friendly Guide Hongtao Zhou sensibly uses broken chairs to craft eco-friendly Bullheads

Hongtao Zhou sensibly uses broken chairs to craft eco-friendly Bullheads

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The environment is changing drastically because of the waste that is piling up with each passing day. People don’t make much effort to reuse or recycle things in a sensible manner. This is a sad situation which needs to be changed now. There are a lot of designers who have started seeing beauty in thrown away materials as well. Hongtao Zhou has crafted bullheads from chairs that had been thrown away.

The artist has given a new lease of life to wrecked chairs which were in no position to solve any purpose. Zhou collected them form the dump yard and fashioned them into bullheads, the natural way. The artist feels bad when he sees people throwing away useful things. This has given birth to landfills and garbage disposal grounds, which are overflowing with waste.

Deforestation adds to the pollution level. The ozone layer is getting thinner and glaciers are melting, which is not a good sign at all. People dump waste not only on land but in water as well. This has an adverse impact on the marine life and leads to water pollution. With these bullheads the artist is trying to send out a message to save the ever depleting environment.

Hongtao Zhou has put his artwork, created by making good use of broken chairs, at Madison, Wisconsin. The exhibition has been named as Reconstituted by Hongtao Zhou, through which the artist is trying to send an eco-friendly message. He is making a genuine effort to save our ever-deteriorating earth. For his attempt, Zhou needs to be praised and honoured.

Via: DesignSpotter