Horticulture trends of 2017 you can use for updating or expanding your greenhouse


With a modern greenhouse, you become free from the obligation of growing only seasonal plants. New technology can convert any indoor space into a vegetable garden, for example, allowing you to enjoy fresh vegetables all around the year. Container gardening and indoor plants have also become quite popular, as many people shift to cities, downsizing in the process, and do not have outdoor space. Thus, for many people, their home itself is a greenhouse where they can grow plants of their choice, no matter whether it’s a herb or vegetable garden or indoor plants of every description. For the fortunate few who do have greenhouses, here are some greenhouse trends for 2017:



Orchids are exotic and beautiful, and are the greenhouse favorite for 2017. They thrive in the controlled atmosphere of the greenhouse. Orchids do need a little care, but they last long and their popularity has risen by 25% in 2017. The Slipper orchid, and the South American orchids  Zygopetalum and Masdevallia, have been presented as works of art in horticultural shows. The highest selling houseplant in 2017 is the orchid Phalaenopsis. According to experts, tropicals and orchids which were earlier of interest to specialist plant lovers, have now caught on with the public as well. Planting orchids in your greenhouse could be a good way to expand your greenhouse plants.

Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style is another trend for greenhouses this year. They do well in warmer temperatures, and Mediterranean plants especially herbs are in demand. The sale of herbs has gone up by 18%, as herb gardens seem to have become the flavor of the day. TV chefs regularly use herbs in their recipes, thus educating the public in ways they can use herbs, and also stressing on freshly sourced herbs. According to experts, this is one of the reasons why herb gardens, both outdoors and in greenhouses have become so popular.

Fruit and Vegetable garden


The demand for clean, fresh food grown without any pesticides etc, has led to the trend of growing fruits and vegetables in greenhouses. Bright colored peppers, chilies, aubergines, and other fruits, which can be grown indoors, are being grown in greenhouses. Growing nutritious exotic fruits and vegetables at home is a good way to enjoy them at a minimum cost too. Also, one can enjoy chemical free food which is as fresh as can be, and the beautiful colors make the greenhouse look amazing.

Tropical greenhouse

Tropical plants, including sub tropical plants and succulents, have become popular as greenhouse plants in recent years, including 2017. They look impressive and a variety of tropical plants arranged beautifully fills greenhouses with abundant greenery. Palms, airplants, Gloriosa vine, bananas, are the most popular choices, along with the Stephanotis which provides a sweet fragrance. In fact, there has been a whopping 300% rise in the sales of tropical plants, cacti, airplants and succulents in a five year period. Besides, plants like the Ficus Lyrata and Cheese plants are in demand due to their health benefits.

‘Greenery’ – the color trend for the year


‘Greenery’ is Pantone’s color of the year, and this color is the color trend for 2017. It has influenced greenhouse color trends as well, with many homeowners including the bright yellow-green color tone in their greenhouses in the form of succulents, ferns and mosses. You can design your greenhouse using this color, introducing many different green leafy plants of different shades of green to create a spectacular ‘green’ greenhouse.


Succulents are a hot favorite too, as they are low maintenance, and even people with very little experience of gardening can care for them easily. You can introduce succulents of many varieties in your greenhouse, either planting them in pots, or creating a succulent corner. Mini succulents look great in terrariums, which can be placed on tables and stands inside the greenhouse.

You can grow almost anything in your greenhouse, from fruits and vegetables, tropical plants, cacti and succulents. You can follow one theme / trend or create an amazing greenhouse by combining a few, and enjoy spending time in your own green garden indoors.

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