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How A Small Business Can Reduce Environmental Impact

by Dr Prem Community Writer

In a time where environmental damage is constantly in the news and a major global issue, it is clear that now is the time for businesses to take action. While it is true that larger businesses and certain industries are much worse than others, it is clear that every person and business has a responsibility to find ways to be more environmentally-friendly. There are lots of different ways that a small business can do this. As a result, you will find that in addition to reducing your impact, often these measures can help you to save money while also improving your brand reputation, so it is a win-win situation.

1. Energy-Efficient Equipment

Energy-Efficient-Equipment.It is worth replacing equipment with energy-efficient equipment – although this is at a cost, you will notice a reduction in your energy bills each month so you could make long-term savings. This might include energy-efficient appliances in the kitchen, LED lightbulbs, and energy-efficient office equipment.

2. Switch Supplier

Often, you will find that you can reduce your impact and lower your bills by switching your gas supplier, and this can bring many advantages. People are often deterred because they think that this might be a lot of work, but services like Utility Bidder can make it quick and easy to find the best deals and then manage all of the paperwork. CEO Chris Shaw explains, “We have built up strong relationships over the past 10 years with the UK’s gas suppliers, enabling us to go direct and gain the most competitive prices for you, whether your renewing or switching.” 

3. Go Paperless

Go PaperlessGoing paperless in the office brings obvious environmental benefits, but you will also find that it could help to improve efficiency. Having a digital system in place can make it much quicker and easier to find documents that you are looking for, and you eliminate the need for physical storage – just be sure to back up your data to an external device. 

4. Start A Carpool

It is not just in the office that you need to consider, as the daily commute can also be a big factor when it comes to the impact of your business. There are a few good ways around this, including starting a carpool if possible, which can reduce the number of cars coming into the office as well as help to unite your team. Additionally, if possible, you should encourage people to walk/cycle to work, which is free and healthy. 

5. Remote Working

Remote WorkingFollowing this, it is also an intelligent idea to encourage remote working from time to time. This eliminates the need for people to come into the office and greatly reduces the daily energy consumption, but there are a host of other advantages too. In addition to reducing impact and costs, this can also improve morale and productivity in many cases.

6. Use Local & Green Suppliers

It is also worth looking at your current suppliers and considering switching to a local and/or green supplier. You reduce travel when you use a local supplier, plus you also have the advantage of supporting the local economy, which is another plus.

Combine these 6 tips, and you should significantly reduce your environmental impact while also bringing a host of other advantages too.

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