How College Students Can Support Green Living


Big changes in society often start with little actions. Indeed, the most sweeping reforms throughout history haven’t started at the top, but rather have come about as a result of a mandate of the masses. However, it’s natural for college students in particular to feel 1) a desire to change the way we think about the environment and 2) also feel frustrated by an inability to do much about it. The good news is, you can make a difference –– by following these four simple steps:

Educate Yourself


Just because you don’t study biology, ecology, or other science-related topics extensively, it doesn’t mean you can’t work to educate yourself on important environmental issues. Rather, for any significant change to even gain traction, it requires people from all walks of life and fields of study to support a new way of living. So in terms of college students, it doesn’t matter what your major is –– the first step toward supporting green living is educating yourself with the most pertinent facts.

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle in the Classroom

Does your classroom have a recycling bin? Does your department repurpose old materials? Are you able to reuse equipment from one class to the next? If the answer is no to any of those questions, enquire with your teachers as to why that’s the case. Take lab equipment for biology classes, for instance. Purchasing items like beakers and Bunsen burners that were previously owned won’t just save your school money –– it could help cut down on manufacturing waste as well. (Note that certain items like blood or urine collection tubes are probably best purchased new, though.)

Be an Activist –– in the Real World

Be an Activist

If you really want to get your message about green living out there –– then you actually have to go out there into the real world. Sure, it’s fantastic to start online and promote saving the planet through your laptop. In fact, that’s a wonderful way to organize groups and draw in other interested students. Still, if you want to make a big splash, you have to go beyond the computer screen to reach people.

Be an Example to Others

The first way to start making the world a better (and greener) place to live is by addressing your own habits. Signing up for a carpool, hanging onto an old cell phone, and recycling your old notebooks and papers will set an example for others around you. Plus, when it comes to the environment, every little action has an effect. Don’t get discouraged if you feel your contributions aren’t making a difference The truth is, they are –– even if you can’t see them at first!

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