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How DIY attitude in electronics help the planet

by DrPrem Jagyasi

The growing inclination towards DIY electronics is a good phenomenon for the environment. DIY electronics directly or indirectly benefit the environment and our planet. The resources are put to their maximum use with DIY techniques. Once discarded resources are put to use once again when they are used to rebuild gadgets and are reused. The new created devices serve everybody’s purpose including scientists, photographers, and ordinary homemakers. However, there is more to the environmental benefits of the DIY trend. The two major benefits are:


Electronic DIY projects minimize energy use:

DIYing of gadgets enable people to make use of things that minimize the energy use. A history of makers who have come up with wonder projects that reduce energy consumption inspires us. Some ultimate projects are – “Tweet-A-Watt” (designed to tweet out energy use, friends can use this to compete with each other’s reduced energy consumption).

Another one is “Kinect Home Automation and Lighting Control Hack” (this monitors the location of a person in a house and automatically shuts down the lights and appliances in other parts of the house. This system’s other very cool feature is that it tests the quality level of air. With a set of glowing balloons, they change the color of their glow based on the quantity and the type of pollutants present in a room.)


DIY electronic projects minimize natural resource use:

The growth in DIY attitude among people has brought such a favorable change that instead of going for a new one, people prefer to use the old one by making some changes in it. Be it the repair of a broken device, using spare parts o build a new thing, or the up gradation of components rather than buying a new device, all these changes are extremely beneficial for the planet because reusing the old things save unnecessary exploitation of the environmental resources.

For instance, an average life of a cell phone use by a customer is 18 months, and one replaces a laptop every two years. This shows how often we change the technology we use. The shuffle done by us directly affects the environment because to fulfill our demand of electronics and various gadgets the natural resources are exploited, metals are excavated from the earth. The excavations employ a great deal of energy and cause pollution. On the other hand, DIY techniques help to make new devices from the old parts, thus, relieving natural resources from exploitation.