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How does climate change impact high latitude regions?

boreal forest

A 22-year record of satellite observations reveals that tundra areas show greening trends in a consistent and predominant way. While on the other hand, forested areas are showing a browning trend. The study centered on the northern circumpolar high latitudes.

According to U.S. researchers, the boreal forest in high latitudes might be responding to global warming in a way, not expected previously. These trends in vegetation photosynthetic activity are being assesses by the scientists of Woods Hole Research Center.

Andrew Bunn, lead author of the paper and a post-doctoral fellow at the center says,

This research suggests the high latitudes might not be responding to climate change as previously thought… If the ability of boreal forests to capture and store carbon in a warmer world is not as great as we’ve previously supposed, then we will have to think differently about how the planet will respond to continuing emissions of carbon dioxide.

Via: United Press International