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How eco-friendly are the ‘Coqui frog killings’?

hawaii fights noisy frog infestatio

The coqui frogs are said to be threatening the fragile ecosystem of Hawaii, along with disrupting the island residents’ sleep. To fight these invasive species, the state has allocated $4.9 million. In this battle against the amphibians, 58 additional inspectors at Hawaii’s airports and harbors will be hired. Moreover, this hiring sets aside a funding of more than $2.9 million.

To successfully eliminate the frogs, citric acid and hydrate lime are to be used. The coqui numbers are greatest in the Big Island. Hence, most of those funds will go to the island.

According to the officials, the chirping of thousands of coqui population are irritating, producing a noise similar to jet planes constantly taking off at an airport. In addition, the coqui could threaten many endangered bird species in Hawaii as it eats away the bugs the birds rely on for food. Are the officials sure, they will actually not disrupt the ecosystem by doing this?

Via: Environmental News Network