How Electric Cars Really Are Greener Than Gas Cars

Electric Cars Really Are Greener Than Gas Cars

Research shows that electric cars are greener than conventional cars. So if you want to buy an electric vehicle, the information shared below should help you decide.

1. Carbon Emissions

no Carbon EmissionsResearchers say that electric cars are more environmentally friendly than gas cars in almost every country in 2021. Electric cars are a clear choice, even with power grids that are not as green as they could be.

The New Scientist reported in 2015 that the typical electric car is more environmentally friendly than the regular gas car if the electrical grid produces less than 1,100 grams of CO2 for each kilowatt-hour.

Many countries’ power grids have seen significant growth in green energy sources in the last several years. So, cars powered by electricity are probably even better in 2021 than they were a few years ago.

For instance, in the United Kingdom, the average carbon intensity for electricity, which is the output of carbon emissions for every unit of electricity generated – was about 220 grams of carbon dioxide for each kilowatt-hour in 2020. This was down from 443 grams in 2015.

Experts in green energy as this information make it clear that governments can use this information to act. There is a benefit from switching to electric cars, regardless of the variations and uncertainties about different electric grids worldwide.

2. Low Maintenance

Electric cars don’t have as many moving parts. So, there are fewer things to break or that need to be repaired. This should save you time and money over the years of ownership.

Imagine: You don’t need to rent a car when yours is in the shop; no more changing the oil or failed automatic transmissions. Your mechanic may not have as much work, but you won’t have the repair bills.

Of course, you still need to maintain your brakes. And you’ll need to change the battery eventually, but most should last at least 10 years.

3. Quiet

New electric carsOne of the biggest things people notice immediately about electric cars is how quiet they are. It’s strange when you hit the gas at first, and there is barely any noise in the passenger compartment. If you live in a large city, there also isn’t as much road noise from passing cars.

In Los Angeles, you can be in the middle of a canyon and still hear noise from the interstate. Electric cars are very quiet, so much of that noise will disappear in the future.

4. High Performance

Electric cars have tremendous torque, so they accelerate quickly; most gas-powered cars cannot compare. Many people are shocked at how comfy the ride is; some believe it makes gas cars seem loud and clunky.

5. Range Anxiety Is Fading

electric cars with high torque and pick upElectric vehicles don’t just have high torque and pick up. New electric cars are making major leaps in their range performance. This is happening because of significant advancements in batteries as well as the ability of electric cars to recharge batteries from vehicle braking.

For example, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV had at least a range of 200 miles, and things have only gotten better since then. As the typical commute is about 12 miles, most consumers can use electric vehicles in their day-to-day driving.

6. Tax Credits

Depending on your state, you could receive a tax credit or rebate for buying an electric car. Every electric vehicle purchase comes with a federal tax credit of $7500. But some states may give you an extra tax break. Also, you get a federal tax credit of 30% for purchasing and installing home charging equipment.

It’s clear there are significant benefits to going electric. So when you’re shopping for a new car, make sure you review the best electric car models.

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