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How environmental literature can help kids become eco conscious

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Fairy houses and beyond

Children see things and learn very fast. Every action, every reaction and even their knowledge is purely based on their understandings. Kids of today are not just intelligent, but they are also conscious about many things. There are so many instances where children have gone to the extent to correct adults for doing something wrong.

Books that can help kids to learn about the environment

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The various challenges and concerns pertaining to the environment are not hidden from kids. This is because their schools have adopted various ways and techniques to make kids understand the importance of environmental conservation. Some of them even get them to do various kinds of eco research papers so that kids can learn. So, are children smarter because of the internet or they do actually read eco books to know more about eco-friendliness? Just as much as how the educational institutions are doing their part to make kids understand how important it is to conserve the environment, similarly, even parents have to do their bit. Here are a few books that you can consider when you want to teach your child about the environment.

10 Things I can do to help the environment

This book is perfect for children between the age of 4 and 7 years old. Melanie Walsh, the author of this book has written in the most beautiful and simplest manner so that a child can easily understand it. This simple book helps kids to understand how seeds are used to grow plants, why should we turn the lights off when not in use, what the benefits of walking to school, and switching off the TV properly. In short, this book not only focuses on the conservation of the environment but also ensures that children learn the right thing.

Fairy houses and beyond

This book is a part of the Fairy houses series and is ideal for kids between the ages of 3 and 5. In this book, Tracy Kane, the author of the book, and creator of the series, illustrates the various efforts that the families of New England have out in to building houses made from natural materials. It also shows how creativity not only makes a place look beautiful but also helps in protecting the environment in a very different and unique manner.


If you want your child to know a lot about sustainable energy, then this is the book for you. Children between the age of 8 and 9 years can have a lot of fun with this book. In this book, the various ideas mentioned are not only friendly to the environment but also unique on its own. It highlights facts ranging from use of grease for making French fires to running cars by utilizing energy generated through biodegradable waste. It also highlights how children can help the world through various sustainable methods. This book is full of innovations and imaginations that can help in protecting the environment in the best ways possible.

Sow and Grow

Teaching children new things is very easy, but when they have to practically implement it, after seeing it visually, it becomes something different. Sow and Grow is a book that teaches children different aspects of gardening. Tina Davis, the author of the book, designed this book in the most special manner so that kids can not only learn from it, but also understand the entire process. This book is a must buy for parents who want to get their children involved in different activities, to learn new things, and to indulge into activities that teach them good things on environmental conservation.

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