How Going Green Can Actually Help Your Business

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The idea of businesses valuing their profits over the environment has started to wane with EPA restrictions and overall environmental media coverage. The idea that going green is automatically going to hurt profits could not be further from the truth. There are circumstances where this can be extremely valuable and can even help a company’s public image. At its core, going green is the right thing to do if possible to still stay profitable while reducing a business’ carbon footprint on the environment. Small things add up especially at large companies, so personal responsibility is important whether it means to turn out lights or power down computer daily can be a huge difference maker.

Great PR Move

 Great-PR-Move.First of all, going green simply as a PR move is still doing something positive. A company going green for the wrong reasons still get the same results. Writing a press release on some of the initiatives the company plans to take can help with brand image. Companies that have had poor images or have been seen as bad for the environment can benefit immensely from this. This not only shows care for the environment as a whole but it will also impact the local community. The entire company and its staff taking the initiative to help the environment without being forced can completely shift power in an industry.

Saving Money

The amount of waste that can be prevented by business is immense with a large number of companies actually trying to reduce waste completely. The first step that many companies need to take is to go paperless as a majority of documents are signed online and then emailed. Backup copies of important documentation should be kept in a secure location with the only staff members knowing being the people who absolutely have to. The saving of energy on a daily basis can be immense as well simply by turning off the AC and lights when you leave the office.

Even if your company is renting the office, it is important to keep electric bills down to avoid rent increases after your current lease. Business electric rates differ depending on when you are using electricity and whether it is during peak hours or daytime. Running a business at night for instance can help save money as well as reduce the stress on the local electric grid.

Healthier Employees

green businessThose companies that are found to have started green initiatives tend to have healthier employees. This could be for a variety of reasons whether it is reduced waste in a warehouse or someone taking the stairs instead of wasting energy by using the lift or escalator to go up one floor. Healthier employers can help when it comes to providing healthcare to staff as it can help reduce the costs. Employee health initiatives are another way to help the entire team bond and can even help increase productivity.

Tax Breaks

The federal government and some state governments give tax credits or breaks to those businesses that are committed to reducing their waste. Solar power is the easiest of these to name as installing solar panels to help reduce costs will also allow a company to receive a tax break. The government has been committed to reducing waste immensely in the last few decades. There are quite a few more ecofriendly options when it comes to driving and traveling in general than ever before. Take the time to consider these tax credits to see where you can reduce waste and save tax.

Going green does not have to impact your company negatively in the long run. Take the time to look at the ways your business can reduce its environmental footprint today and start implementing changes. Do this on a small scale first then ramp it up once you have seen how it will impact workflow and productivity in general.

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