How mobile tracking software help in conservation of wildlife

mobile tracking software

Every year thousands of animals are killed by poachers all over the globe. Many species are extinct because of poaching and excessive hunting. For example, only a few Javan Rhino are left in the world because of poaching. Officials and organizations are taking various measures to control illegal animal trade and poaching of animals. As these organizations are now utilizing technology to find solutions, spy apps and tracking software have now taken over to make their task easier than otherwise.

Why spy softwares?

Cell phone spy applications come in handy for a variety of reasons. The main being its discreet nature. These apps can be installed in the mobile and the user will never know about this. In case of poaching the concerned authorities can install these softwares on the phones of the suspected persons and they won’t even know about it. Sometimes poaching occurs with the help of people inside the organizations itself, so these spywares can also be used to monitor the employees also.

There are various cell phone spy app for android and IOS, while some of them are free or come with a trial version. These apps can be used to track the calls and SMS of the host’s phone. The officials can monitor every conversation done by the calls and SMS by the suspects. The date, time, duration and the contact details are recorded by the app.

Some spywares have the ability to track social media apps like facebook, Snapchat, Viber, etc. They can record the contents that are shared through these platforms for more specific details if any of the suspects are dealing with any international clients for animal trade or regarding poached animals. The authorities will get every message, image, video and any other contents that are shared through these platforms. Spywares can also access the front camera of the phone remotely; this feature will help the user to surveillance without the person not even knowing about it.

These spywares detect and records the details and calls even when the SIM is changed by the host, making it much easier for the clients to track and collect the details of the suspected person. These softwares have the capability of taking screenshots of the hosts phone remotely which will act as a proven record. This feature is helpful when it comes to monitoring social media platform like Snapchat, in which the messages are deleted automatically after a few minutes. This also helps in knowing what all websites they have accessed through the phone. They also can retrieve the internet history of the mobile to know which all websites the suspect has been to.

The most useful feature of the spywares is the free phone tracker option. Since most cell phones are equipped with GPS the spywares can track the location of the suspect or poachers with geo-location. This feature will give real-time location details of the host. The authorities will also know where the host has been to; if they have been to any restricted areas of the forest or wildlife reserve they can take actions against them. It will also help to track down the suspects in case they are in a hideout which no one knows about.

Most of the spywares can be accessed from a remote terminal like a PC, which eliminates the need of getting hands on the target phone and rooting it to get the information. This feature adds the flexibility of the spywares.

These are some of the examples how a mobile spyware can be used to control poaching and illegal trade of animals. People should also be aware of wildlife conservation and shouldn’t encourage exotic animal trade. Only by doing this, poaching and illegal animal trade can be put to an end.

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