How to choose an eco friendly moving company

Whether you intend to move home, your office or anything else for that matter – packing and moving can be a lot more difficult for you. So, here, the moving companies come to your help. But, most of those moving/relocating companies cause several impacts on the environment owing to their monumental carbon footprint.For that reason, here are some eco friendly tips to consider before selecting a moving company.

Making a quote for moving

The first thing to consider if you are taking the service of a moving company is to get a quote for moving before the process. By asking for a quote, you can give a precise idea to the moving company about what is there in your inventory. This way the movers will know what all things have to move and they can bring in the necessary equipment and transportation means for it. Using a full capacity vehicle helps you to reduce number of trips to move your households as well as to reduce the carbon emission involved in the process.

Packing materials used

Select a moving company that uses recycled and used materials for packing purposes. Furthermore, there are companies which rent out tubs and bins for people who are moving. You can also ask your neighbors or the local grocery stores to donate old cardboard boxes. This will reduce the impact on the environment, as making of cardboards and papers involves cutting down a huge number of trees every year. This will also decrease the moving cost, since moving companies give discount to customers who pack things on their own.

Alternate shipping and fuel         

Fuel usage and carbon emission are taking a toll on the environment, selecting a moving company which utilizes biodiesel trucks and alternative fuel vehicles to transport things, will help the environment in a better way. Get quotes from companies, which rent out trucks that run on biodiesel to ensure your move to be more energy efficient.

Check for moving companies that uses railway for transportation. Railroads provide a greener and more cost effective way of moving things from one place to another. Trains are more fuel efficient than trucks, and they can carry heavy loads too. If you want to move some heavy items like a piano or a car, you can consider shipping them through rail.

Consider Backloading

This is a method provided by moving companies, in which you share the load with other movers. This will be helpful for people who are moving from a same apartment or a room. Backloading/load sharing will cut down the moving cost as well as the CO2 emissions. This environment friendly and efficient way of moving allows people to share the space of the transporter and trim down the fuel usage. Interstate removalist is one of the top movers that provide backloading service for their customers.

Selecting the route

While moving, try to select the shortest route or the route with the least traffic. This will not only save the time but also reduce the fuel usage. This ensures minimal fuel usage and carbon dioxide emission. Check if the moving company is providing the shortest moving time and route. This is one of the best and simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint while moving.

These are some tips recommended by experts all over the globe for making your moving greener and more sustainable. Consider these tips next time before you select your movers.

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