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How to conduct recycling program in schools

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Recycling is something that should be introduced even in schools. The way our environment has been damaged by different human activities has made it essential that everybody joins hands in recycling programs and do something about conserving energy and water. Recycling is not just beneficial for nature but it is also a life lesson. Students can learn a lot from a recycling program and start a similar one in their locality. Organizing such a program can be difficult but with a little skill and tact every school can start their own recycling program and involve all the students in it. The right education and knowledge is the most important part of recycling program. Students need to understand why recycling is necessary and how it can help many lives. Thereafter they should be told about the procedures of recycling. Some helpful guidelines for starting a school recycling program are discussed below.

Planning and designing a recycling module

No task can be completed without proper planning. Recycling wastes is a huge responsibility. You need to make sure that the wastes do not affect the surrounding environment in a negative way. Everything should be very well organized. It is important to plan what type of waste products you will be recycling in your school. Find out what type of waste can be found in plenty in your school and its neighborhood. The nature of the waste will help you understand the type of equipments and materials you need for recycling and the things you can produce.


Reuse before you recycle

It is necessary that the habit of reusing old things is cultivated among the school students before they take part in recycling. Throwing away old things unthinkingly is not a responsible act. Many of the daily usable things can be reused in innovative ways. By reusing the amount of waste products will get naturally reduced. Make sure that the right products are put into the dust bins.


Next step is to choose a technique and method through which things will be recycled. Steps that have to be followed will be planned in detail in this stage.


Divide in teams

In the next stage you will have to divide the students into different teams. There should be different teams for collecting, sorting and processing the wastes.

Work with patience

You cannot make great changes in one day. Work in a slow but steady manner to bring the change.