How to get your shed back in shape


We often buy a shed with high hopes of turning it into a workshop, a relaxing summer house or a home from home. However, in many cases our sheds quickly become a place to hide the clutter in our homes and a dumping ground for anything and everything. So when it comes to using the hedge trimmer, digging out the Christmas tree lights, or finding the puncture repair kit, we have to search high and low to find what we’re looking for.

If your shed feels like it’s off limits, don’t worry. There are some simple steps you can take to reclaim the space, clear out the clutter and get organised.


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  1. Be ruthless

The things we no longer need, broken or faulty items that we never use, or items that take up valuable space. So before you start to think about storage, it pays to think about what you want to be in your shed. If you need a helping hand to choose, try Safestore’s clever Five Box Technique to work out what should stay and what should go. Then, bin the things that you’ll never use and take the rest to the charity shop.

If you only use something in winter like a sledge or Christmas trimmings, or want to hang on to larger items that take up lots of space, why not consider a self-storage company and keep your shed clutter-free?


  1. Climb the walls

The key to making the most of any space is to think about every inch of space. If your shed is small and you have a limited floor space, consider using the walls too. By using simple hooks or even screws you can hang garden tools, brushes and even carrier bags. If the walls are strong enough, you can also add shelving for plant pots, boxes and paint tins. Why not your hang garden chairs too, and keep your floor space free?


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  1. Work on your wardrobe.

Custom cabinets, cupboards and racking are a great way to maximise every inch of space, however you don’t have to spend a fortune to get organised. Old wardrobes, kitchen units, TV stands and office filing cabinets work just as well and can give your shed a look and feel all of its own.



  1. Make your mark

The key to finding the things you need quickly is labelling. So take some time to mark-up tins and boxes with stick-on labels. If the budget can stretch to it, invest in some see-through storage boxes too. This will allow you to see at glance where everything is stored and save you a headache when you need a particular, screw, tool or box in a hurry.




  1. Get creative

Some of the best storage ideas are the simplest – like using an old pedal bin or a bucket to store string, wire or twine. Try turning an old bookshelf into a new home for plant pots. Make a shelving unit out of an old step ladder. Or use unwanted jars and tins to tidy away paintbrushes.





  1. Keep your shed in shape

Once all your hard work is finished and everything has its place, it’s a good idea to keep on top of things. Before you choose to throw that box of odds and ends from the attic in your shed, be ruthless and decide whether you really need to keep it.

By getting to grips with your shed storage and being ruthless with the things you pack away in boxes, you can make a real difference. What’s more once you’re organised, you’ll find things faster, spend less time tidying, and be less likely to treat your shed like a warehouse. Who knows, there might even be room for that workshop after all.

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