How to Know If the Eco-Friendly Tag on the Product is True

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There are many products on the market claiming to be product friendly. Here is how you find out if they are true.


If the claim sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
One example of this can be a label that claims its product is “all natural.” Check the contents in that case, and if you see a list of chemicals a mile long then chances are the product is not all natural.

Some companies put a label like this on their products when they say, for example , add a little bit of lavender essential oil to their clothes soap to name one possibility. Keep in mind that many companies are looking to put the best possible light on their products and going green is the new trend , meaning if they can sell the public on green products, they make more money.

Look for labels that are very specific:
For example, one that says “Made with 100% all-natural products” is far better than one that just says “all natural.” The more specific the claim, the more likely that that claim is actually true.


Educate yourself about green product language:
Many companies will play on the consumer’s ignorance of what constitutes green product language by using terms such as, “all natural,” “nontoxic,” “organic,” and “carbon neutral” to name a few.

None of these terms has any sort of standardized meaning that all companies must follow, so they can basically mean whatever the company wants them to mean.

Research the companies that are claiming to sell eco-friendly products:
Companies will often put information about the research they are doing on their websites and the smart consumer can find out more about this by digging online a bit.


Don’t be fooled by the packaging:
Big players are not above using marketing tactics such as gorgeous packaging to try and get you to purchase their products. Read the labels and make an informed decision, don’t be blinded by a attractive packaging.

Use green products that have certification:
There are a few certification labels out there that you can trust when purchasing green products. Energy Star for appliances and electronics that are energy saving, USDA Organic Seal for cosmetics, and food that truly are organic, and Green Seal for cleaning products for your home are safer for the environment.

One more certification that can be trusted is the Forest Stewardship Council logo for paper, and wood products. Avoid the Sustainable Forestry Initiative logo because it was produced by the timber lobby who are definitely not eco friendly.

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