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How to Plan a Remote Funeral During the Pandemic Time

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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People all over the world have been forced to stay in their own towns and cities, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. At this time, if you are at a distant city and a dear one passes away, you have to plan the funeral remotely. This is perhaps one of the hardest challenges in life you may have to face. This Herculean task can be carried out successfully, and to help, we have a few tips for you.

How to plan a remote funeral

There are stringent rules in most parts of the world about attending the last rites. Visitors and families are not allowed to attend to their loved ones in their last hours. Mourning them in the normal way is not possible now. 

1. Have a Skype or Zoom or another online memorial service

Remote Funeral During the Pandemic TimeFuneral live streaming is one of the ways that you can feel close and have a sense of bidding farewell to the one you lost. Through Zoom or Skype, Google Meet or other online resources, you can have a virtual gathering of friends and family. Religious organizations you belong to may offer individual or group services or prayer meetings. Many funeral homes have also started to organize online

You and your family can read out tributes, poems, anecdotes to honor their memory. It can be exactly like a regular service. The online memorial service can be recorded and be shared with those who could not attend.

In some places, a small number of people are allowed to gather, such as a priest, rabbi, Imam. You could request the funeral home or funeral service provider to livestream the graveside service, cremation etc.

2. How to report a death from afar

If a parent or relative has been in the hospital due to ill health, and you are in another city or even other corner of the world, you have to arrange for the last rites from there itself. It is a very difficult time for you emotionally, but you have to follow the proper procedures. You have to report to the authorities as only then you will get a death certificate. The death certificate is an important document, without which you cannot plan funeral, or settle financial affairs.

The staff of the hospital or nursing home can help with the formalities. Otherwise, you would have to contact a mortuary or dial a government helpline which will connect to the right people and get everything done. A relative or close friend living in the same place may also help you out.

3. How to choose a funeral or burial home

 choose-a-funeral-or-burial-homeKnowing the type of funeral your loved one wanted makes it easier to plan. However, if they did not specify, then you can follow the rites that your family usually follows. You should find out online the funeral homes or funeral service providers in that city.

Select one which has previous experience of planning funerals remotely. They would know already what you require, and will be able to guide you properly. However, before you finalize get as many quotes as you can to have an idea about the costs, packages and services. 

4. Remember you are not alone

Remember that you are not facing this predicament alone. Thousands of people all over the world are in the same situation. There are online groups where people share their experience, talk about their grief and the pain of being so far away. This would help you to deal with your sadness and provide the emotional and mental support that you need.

Keep in touch with your family and friends online and speak to them regularly to help you in expressing your grief and feel better.

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