How to remove your dead tree the green way


Sometimes a tree dies despite your best efforts to save it. Or it gets damaged by a storm and has hanging branches that are a risk to you, your home, and everyone around you. Now is the time to remove the tree so it doesn’t cause harm. You can have it taken out by a tree removal service that makes it a point to do a careful removal or turn the tree into a form of art as a way of recycling. Following are some tips to help you get the job done. 

Determine if the Tree is Salvageable


Sometimes a tree dies part of the way. Visually the tree has a lot of live and dead branches that make the tree look sickly. But this may not be the case as the tree has diverted its nutrient and water delivery systems to its living part. It may be possible to save a tree that’s in this state, but it’s best to work with an arborist who can determine exactly what the tree is doing. A lightning strike may have damaged part of the tree or some of the root system has died

If the tree is salvageable, the tree trimmer or removal company has the tools to take out the dead and dying parts of the tree while keeping the trunk and live parts intact. The tree itself may look strange afterward, but trimming off the dead stuff leaves a healthier tree that can recover more easily from whatever damage it took.

Check for Signs of Wildlife

Animals and birds tend to use dead and dying trees as habitats. They’re great places to keep an eye out for predators, find food in the form of insects, and create hollows for nests. This can make it a little trickier to remove the tree, but a reputable Atlanta tree removal company will do its best to make sure nothing’s living in the tree before taking it down.

Ultimately, you need to take a dying or dead tree down because it becomes a hazard to your home and the surrounding area. You may not like the idea of taking out a piece of habitat, but your home and people’s lives are more important in the long run.

Recycle the Tree


Sometimes tree removal leaves behind a tall stump that’s clean and free from rot. This is a perfect canvas for an artist to do a chainsaw carving or you can turn the stump into a planter for a bouquet of annuals. Whatever you decide, make sure you seal the tree from weather to slow down the decomposition process and use a liner to protect plants from acids in the wood.

These are some of the ways to remove your tree in a green fashion. A firm like Tree Service Tampa to remove dead trees help you learn about the best course of action and you could ask them about what can be done with the wood, if anything, in order to reduce the impact of its loss.

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