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How to save money by opting for eco-friendly printing?

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Environmental conservation is a well documented topic and the awareness regarding these issues has been understood my most. However, companies and business ventures are known for their high use of environmental resources. Now a day’s however, companies are behaving responsibly on that front owing to the need for being ‘socially responsible’. This is done by the companies in an actual effort for conserving the environment or to gain some kind of mileage from the process.


Paper conservation is one of the most underrated aspects of eco-friendly approach. Many organizations seldom understand the value of being eco-friendly as they seemingly assume that it does not result into any kind of profit for the organization. However, small aspects such as paper conservation can actually result in tangible profit making for a business venture. Let us profile on the ways by which an organization can cut down on the printer generated environmental impacts.

  • Realizing the problems

Most organizations waste their money on printing chores owing to the lack of awareness within the organization. Employees are not aware of the need for eco-friendly approach or they are not made known about the organization’s eco-friendly approach. In such cases, the organization has to make sure that it conveys its eco-friendly agenda to its employees. If employees try consciously towards paper saving, it can result in a positive impact on the overall printing cost.

One of the basic steps that can be taken in this case would be double sided printing. Not only will it help in reducing the impact on environment, it will also reduce the expenses of the company. This can be done by encouraging employees to opt for double sided printing or buy printers which automatically support double sided printing.

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  • Using Eco-Friendly alternatives

Most businesses go for natural paper and inks that are well known for their environmental impact. Normal paper is obtained from trees while inks cause considerable environmental hazard. Hence, if organizations opt for eco-friendly alternatives of these entities, not only will they save money but will also reduce the environmental impact.

  • Being compatible on the technological front

Apart from these processes, businesses should also embrace latest technology. Processes such as digital printing and waterless printing considerably reduce the environmental impact made by printing processes. Even though the initial investment for such processes maybe higher, the price gets offset by the lack of ink and paper usage as time progresses.


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