How to Use Art to Raise Awareness

In recent years, many sociologists have been looking at the impact art has had on the life of our children and have found that art actually plays a very big role in their education. Art can be used to keep students and workers focused on positive thoughts and it can be used as an actual teaching aid. Art can also be therapeutic. However, art can also help to raise environmental awareness; and, for the company that is keen on environmental conservation, it pays to use art whenever and wherever, especially in marketing.

Today’s Consumer Is More Environmentally Conscientious than Ever Before

One thing most businesses are aware of is the fact that today’s consumer is more worried about the environment they live and work in than ever before in history. For centuries, it was believed that the world could never run out of natural resources. We thought there was an endless supply. At some point in the mid-twentieth century, it became obvious that we do have finite supplies of resources, most notably fossil fuels and accordingly, the push was on to conserve.

This has carried over to today’s consumer who is likely to shop at stores that use recycled bags. In fact, many innovative stores are actually using wholesale grocery bags to raise an awareness of the plight we are in by using artwork to express environmental issues. Some are not only recycled but they depict scenes of nature that are thought provoking to strengthen our efforts to live a sustainable lifestyle. Art can, and does, help visually stimulate conscious thought.

Use in Your Place of Employment

While so many companies utilize motivational posters that express quick little proverbs to raise an awareness of reducing waste in the workplace, others rely heavily on graphics that tell the story. Not only are pictures hung in key locations with scenes of natural beauty, but in some areas they display scenes that are of a more thought-provoking nature.

Some companies post images of draught barren lands that are wasting away due to decades with inadequate rainfall. Others hang pictures of trash-lined city streets, making those neighborhoods anything but attractive. It’s a subliminal message really. If you don’t properly dispose of waste, it will clutter your life and create an atmosphere of poverty. The message, however obscure, does work to create a movement from within of reducing the amount of waste within those walls. No matter which way the issue is approached, the message is clear that because art enables the viewer to visualize the concept, you are trying to get over.

If you are trying to raise awareness in your workplace on any key environmental issue, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words as the old saying goes. Or to quote another cliché, ‘seeing is believing.’ Use art to stimulate environmental conscience and you probably have just won the battle. The closer your company gets to working towards a sustainable future, the closer you will get to the consumer base that is going to keep you alive, even in stagnant economies.

Today’s consumer is an environmentally conscientious person and so should you be as a business. Use art in both the front and back end of your business and you need say less. A picture truly is more than a thousand words and every picture really does tell a story. Use art well and grow proportionately – one key formula for success.

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