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How to use recycled materials for Christmas decorations

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Christmas decorations always call for that special something that would make a home stand out from its neighbors on D-day. However, most of these decorations would tend to be expensive, and not easily affordable by every family out there. Need not to worry though, for there are plenty of ways in which you can make your own Christmas decorations with the help of recycled materials found in your home. Here are some excellent DIY recycled decoration ideas you can adopt for Christmas this year.


Yogurt Bottle Snowmen

We couldn’t help but admire the cuteness of these little snowmen made out of yogurt bottle containers. All you need to make these snowmen are a couple of hour glass shaped yogurt bottles, some sir dry clay for the noses, black paint for the hat, small lids (smaller than the yogurt bottle lids), red color felt for the scarves, and  googly eyes (available in decoration stores). When finished, these snowmen would make a fantastic addition to your dinner table. You can also fill them up with small sweets and treats like jellybeans to be shared during dinner.


Scrabble Tree Ornaments

Here is another creative Christmas decoration that has been made using the letters found in a discarded scrabble game. The trays used to contain these letters would be required for the project as well. Some cutting, gluing and ribboning later, you would get amazing Christmas decorations, which spell out words associated with the festival as well as winter.


Keyboard Christmas Ornaments

The creator of this particular Christmas ornament recently got some electrical parts, with plenty of computer keys from a standard computer keyboard. Using hot glue, he managed to stick these glues to a Christmas decoration. And the keyboard Christmas ornament came into being.

Christmas_Card_Circle_Ornaments (1)

Christmas card Ornaments

Those who have boxes full of old Christmas card greetings would definitely love this idea. These cards can be cut in different patterns and glued together to form pretty garlands that can be hung around the house. You can literally make hundreds of these beautiful garlands, and make your home look more festive and cheerful by hanging them all around your house.


Wine Cork Wreath

Consider this Christmas wreath that has been made entirely of wine corks that were glued to each other over some Styrofoam. In addition to looking very creative and homely, the wreath is very easy to make and can be completed within a matter of an hour or so.

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