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How Ugly Will Our Tourism Prove For Antarctica?


So, the ‘ugly tourists‘, (as discussed earlier) not satisfied with the mess they have already created across the earth, are reaching out their ugly impertinence of exploring (or exploitation!) nature far to the virgin Antarctica. And it is becoming a popular destination for tourists who want to experience its unspoiled beauty! — threatening its ecology and its tranquility. Annie Kelly reports these concerns.

Tourism is growing exponentially there. It was until 1987, fewer than 1,000 people annually traveled to the continent — there were 6,500 in 1992/93, and double that number in 2002/3. But, this year, more than 28,000 people are expected to come within inches of the kind of wildlife and landscapes that are normally seen only on film. Are they endangered by our thirsty minds and eyes, and our environmental irresponsibility? Following the success of the March of the Penguins film, the trend is set to continue with “penguin fever” running high. Now whom will these tourists blame?! ownself or the Media…?

Via: The Guardian