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Hus.Ett house: Fish-shaped, green oasis in the lap of nature

Swedish Micro Home
The Hus Estt. by Torsten Ottesjö is a beautifully crafted micro-home that would serve as a perfect woodland retreat in the beautiful and picturesque Sweden. The small home is crafted in the shape of the herring – which is the most popular fish in Scandinavia and resembles a ‘slice of herring’ very closely. The home is small, compact and the construction is done in a way that reduces the carbon footprint of the home. Despite being small in size – measuring a mere 0.1 cubic meters – the space is utilized in such a manner that it appears to be rather large and airy.

The Hus Estt. can be compared to an automobile as its compact nature makes one feel more at home and cozy reinforcing the fact that humans like to live in surroundings that are proportionate to their size – just like how men are simply in love with their cars. The design of the house is also very cleverly planned out so that it received maximum natural light – eliminating the use of false light during a greater part of the day. Furthermore, the interiors are crafted out of natural wood from the native trees found in the forests of Sweden.

The home is furnished very sparingly and contains a few gadgets, inbuilt furniture like a bed and clean surfaces. Minimalistic furniture not only gives a more spaciios look to the house but it also because human beings do not need a lot of things to live. The construction of the house is quite economical, as it makes use of the naturally available wood from the local aspen, pine, spruce and ash trees. Natural building materials are not only buidegradable but also durable and the appearance of wood keeps getting richer as it ages. The material used on the roof and walls is biodegradable cellulose-coated cardboard that provides the house safety against water and wind.
Via Inhabitat

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