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Hybrid Solar House: Arcadia geo solar series by Enertia

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Pollution from the heating and cooling of buildings emanating from the chimneys of old constructions or the power plants is a perpetual source of grief for an eco-minded observer. In order to do some good to nature and to restore some normalcy, Enertia Building Systems looks toward solar and geothermal energy as they utilize them to bring forth the Arcadia series of geo solar homes. Since these homes can store heat ranging from 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit in their structures, the air inside the abode remains cool.

Apposite utilization of renewable sources of energy:

arcadia series geo solar home

The Futureproof homes are smart enough to tackle any fuel shortages or power outages. Wholly powered with solar and geothermal energy, such cases won’t agonize its occupier. Ample amount of sunlight seeps into these home through the stairways and a dormer sunspace. For cooling, Arcadia homes utilize the geothermal energy whereas for heating, these rely on the solar power alone.

Designed for safe inhabitation:

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While designing these homes, Enertia made sure that no element pertaining to safe habitation remains unaddressed. The strong homes can withstand bullets, tornadoes or even hurricanes. A geothermal loop space makes it easy to access any part of the home for any required upgradation. The easy-assembling homes with minimum possible operating costs have alternative walk out elevations on south. So, we think, you can’t ask for more!

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