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Hydrokleen’s water filtration and recycling equipments minimize water wastage

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Wastewater from car wash is generally flushed down the sewer due to lack of sufficient filtration and recycling technologies. Hydro Engineering Inc., however, by introducing a complete line of water filtration and recycling equipments, aspires to make those inefficient wash racks greener than they were ever before. Dubbed as Hydrokleen, the wash rack system identifies contaminants in the wastewater stream, and then picks the component required to reduce or eliminate that particular contaminant.

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The Hydrokleen product line includes:

• Primary solids filter for collecting dirt sand, silt, clay and even gravel in a well-designed wash pad.

• Secondary solids filter deals with free floating or suspended solids, which are removed with auto indexing bed filters completely eliminating bag filters.

• An active oil coalescing system (OCS) collects free floating oil and floats it to the surface where it is skimmed and removed with a belt skimmer. Excess water is sent back to the system.

• A moving bed self-cleaning bioreactor consumes organics material, reduces BOD/COD, controls odor, and provides a safe, non-corrosive method for bacteria control within the wash rack using ozone, chlorine and even Clorox.

• Water filtration modules containing PLC control monitor the system activity, automatically backwash and ensure that the system is running to its maximum performance. Supplementary touch panel remote monitoring sends required notifications by email to anyone, anywhere in the world.

• A second targeted media filters heavy metals by absorbing suspended metals.

• pH balancing enhances the life of the Hydro Biodigesters and meets pH levels for discharge of waste water.

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Via: PRWeb (Press Release)