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Hydrotower skyscraper promotes living on water instead of inland

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The rising sea levels due to the melting ice caused by global warming will very soon gulp most of our land, wiping away our house from the face of the earth. Imagining such a scenario, Anggoro Putro and Raul Renada’s latest design make a lot of sense. They have proposed the idea of living on the water surface instead of inland.

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There are plans for buildings to be constructed on shore, but they will still have a physical connection with the land nearby, like bridges or piers. Dubbed the “Hydrotower”, this floating structure resting on a huge floating power generator, which uses sea currents, will house offices, residential area and recreational spaces. There is room for harnessing power from natural resources like the sea, sun, and wind.

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Designed to imitate the flexible movement of leaves that respond to the direction of the wind, flowers face toward the sun or sea-turtles using the current as their path of travel across the ocean, the building will flow with the movement of nature instead of against it. The movable and self-adjusting building is a city by itself. My only concern is how safe and clean our water bodies would be after this human intervention.

Via: Evolo