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Hyphae Lamp grows out of leaf veins to create an organic atmosphere

Hyphae Lamp

Green living has taken due significance in our lives so much so that we can think of one and find many ways to our rescue. The amazing tools which fill our lives and homes contribute a lot in finding such eco-friendly methods to enhance our lives. We do not have to go too far to discover one such method of going green, which is by using a lamp created out of veins of leaf by blending it with technology. The art in going green gets accompanied by sophistication in the Hyphae Lamp. The awesome images appearing here are of veins of leaves by transforming their venation patterns through high technology methods. The idea itself is so thrilling that to actually see one such design further gains momentum.

The design studio Nervous System has come up with another addition in its unique Hyphae collection. This time it is a Hyphae Lamp created out of a series of algorithmically generated lighting designs (worked by the Algorithm Botany group from University of Calgary). The makers have applied computer simulation to generate designs and digital fabrication to produce physical outputs (like the Hyphae Lamp) which also includes house wares and jewelry.

The Hyphae Lamp may apparently seem extremely delicate but they are not so. The designers have ensured that they deliver a sophisticated but strong product to their customers. The design studio took great care by using a hierarchical network in “growing” its products. The earlier collection of excellent and sophisticated jewelry has also been created out of same technology to provide them the desired strength.

The lamp has been created using some of the highest technologies. The innovation for creating Hyphae Lamp has come from the leaf veins. The intricate designs have aroused curiosity and lured the designers to mimic the patterns and convert these into physical forms using a complex 3D computing process. The lamp is formed using a process called Auxin Flux Canalization theory. A very interesting feature of these lamps is that no two have the same design. This is consequent to the fact that each leaf vein has got a pattern which differs from the other. So, each one you get is different and unique! After growing, they are printed by Shapeways.

The Hyphae Lamp is literally “green” owing to the origin from where it has been obtained. Furthermore, while printing the design extra care is taken to minimize waste by using only nylon material in the final form. A process known as Selective Laser Sintering is used to minimize waste.

The Hyphae Lamp can display its unique beauty by consuming only 3.6 watts of electricity. The LED lighting ensures that energy is not wasted without compromising with the charming beauty of the lamp. Since so much effort has gone to create the lamp, getting one needs time and patience. The manufacturers are making these Hyphae Lamps as per the order. The makers have priced the lamps differently. You can get one for $600 from the Nervous System shop. You can use one for about 6 years to give uninterrupted lighting and charm in your life.

Via: NervousSystem

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