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IDD Summit unveils project to ensure chlorinated water supply

chlorinated clean drinking water
Chlorination is a cheap and safe method to disinfect water. While you may find 24 hour access to chlorinated water supply in developed countries several logistical problems still hinder a guaranteed supply of clean water in the third world.

International Development Design Summit recently unveiled a chlorine production and dosing mechanism which would not only ensure regular chlorine supply but also prevent or reduce dosing errors which lead to under-treated or over-treated water. The projects chlorine production mechanism uses electrolysis of salt solution to make chlorine without using batteries or power from the grid.

The dosing method is also very unique. In this a chlorine dispensing doser is automatically attached to the spout of a bore well pump or a faucet which automatically and appropriately doses random volumes of water without any human interference.

The project has great potential in poor countries which lack necessary resources to ensure chlorinated water supply.

Via: IDDSummit