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Ideas and tips for making your thanksgiving more eco-friendly

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Thanksgiving is one of the most awaited festive days of our year. On this special day we dine with friends and family members and thank the Lord for blessing us with friendship, love and food on our plates.

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On such a pious day you should also be thankful to Mother Nature, who has given us all that we could ask for. The sad truth is that we neglect and abuse our environment the most during festivities. This Thanksgiving take to recycling and reusing for causing less damage to the environment. You will find some handy tips by Dr. Prem in the following regarding this.

Go local

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This particular tip should be used for Thanksgiving as well as daily shopping. The things you get in the supermarkets travel miles to reach your kitchen. Instead you can buy from local farmers and butchers. If we all buy locally grown food then the cost of transporting food can be saved. As a result, the price of foods can be regulated and resources can be utilized in a more planned manner.

Some homeowners have taken to growing organic products at home. You can do herb gardening and grow herbs used in cooking in small planters. Eating organic and locally grown fresh products will keep your loved ones fitter. Fresh food products taste better. Walk more whenever you go for grocery shopping. Not using the car will reduce fuel wastage and air pollution. If not on Thanksgiving, try to eat less meat generally because meat production is responsible for pollution.

Recycle and reuse



This Thanksgiving buy or order as much as you really need. Wastage of foods and other products will only damage your environment. Responsible citizens should try to reduce wastage of water, food, electricity and every other possible resource for keeping the environment cleaner. Instead of buying new, you can also recycle old papers, aluminum and plastics. Make a compost bean where all the food waste and vegetable trimmings will be composted. You can use this compost in your own garden or share it with neighbors.

Estimating your needs

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The beginning of big changes is small yet effective. Every year more than 28 billion food gets wasted. This food can feed hundreds of people who do not get to eat two meals a day. During festivities often people do not eat all the food that is served on their plates. This year you can practice portion control for reducing wastage.

Buffet system of catering reduces wastage as people can serve themselves and take as much food as they need. Try to preserve extra food and distribute it to homeless people. This way you can fulfill your social and moral responsibilities on a special day. Reduce the size of pies, stuffing and portions for effectively reducing wastage.

Change the table setting

 recyclable paper plates

If you are hosting a big Thanksgiving party with lots of guests you can ask your guests to bring their own silverware or chinaware. A pot luck system will reduce your costs and wastage of resources. You may also use recyclable paper plates and napkins for your dinner party. The idea is to keep things simple and eco-friendlier.

Eco-friendly cleaning

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Thanksgiving is when friends and family members visit your home from far. For preparing your home for the celebrations you will have to clean it. Use bio-degradable and non-toxic products for cleaning your home. You will surely have to invite friends during holidays. Make greeting cards using recycled materials like paper and ribbons. Arrange recycle bins for throwing beverage containers and paper plates. Later you can send them to recycling hubs after sorting.

Recycling, reusing and reducing wastage can help homeowners celebrate Thanksgiving in an eco-friendly manner. Shop locally and use toxin free products.

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